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Securely integrate your on-prem and IoT solutions across customer networks at scale.

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is a modern VPN Alternative

100's of thousands of enterprise developers trust ngrok 

Integrate your application with a customer’s on-prem software infrastructure with a secure channel between your networks. ngrok link provides independent encrypted links with targeted access to only the necessary service in your customer networks.

Scale to thousands or millions of devices.


ngrok tunnels run using an optimized version of the technology that powers HTTP/2 so that your tunneled services load fast.

Credential Management

Issue authtokens for each ngrok client. easily revoke tokens for decommissioned devices or integrations. Each token can be created with permissions restrictions defining exactly what tunnel addresses it is allowed to bind on your account.

End-to-End Encryption

Tunnel sensitive information without trusting's servers by encrypting traffic end-to-end with TLS tunnels and keys that only you control, even over your own domains.

Advanced API's for Automation

Automate your integration with ngrok. Reserve domains, reserve addresses, query tunnel status, and issue new authtoken credentials all from a simple RESTful API.

IP whitelisting for tunnel endpoints

Exercise finer control over access to your tunnels by restricting which IPs or IP ranges can establish connections to your tunnel endpoints.

TLS Client Authentication

Leverage enterprise-grade authentication managed by TLS to enforce that only trusted clients may access sensitive tunnel endpoints.

Native OS service management

Manage and install ngrok as a native service on all major platforms. The same, simple command can instruct ngrok to install itself with launchd, Windows Services, upstart, or systemd.

High Availability

Ngrok's infrastructure is built with triple redundancy across multiple global regions to ensure high availability for customers - and currently operates with over 99.9% historical uptime.

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